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6.9.21 Mind Your Own Biscuits Tobacco Basket~ Fancy (REPLAY)


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Mind Your Own Biscuits Tobacco Basket


  • 1 unit Tabacco Basket
  • 1 pack zip ties
  • 1 unit pencil work
  • 2 rolls mesh in two different colors
  • 1 roll deco mesh tubing
  • 3 rolls 3 different ribbon colors
  • 1 bunch greenery
  • 1-2 bunches Sunflower Stems
  • 1 piece Attach Sign
  • 2 pieces cable tie mounts
  • 1 package green swirly pieces


Prep Tabacco Basket

  • Attach your pencil work form using zip ties around the end of your basket. Attach only on half of your basket.

Cut and Attach Mesh

  • Cut 17 inch pieces of mesh in two different colors
  • Make cruffle by tucking in end and then rolling the two ends together. Then walk it together. Attach to the pine tines you just added. Starting at the bottom right.
  • Add alternating colors pointing some down and some up.

Attach rope tails

  • Everywhere you see a white cruffle add some deco mesh tubing. Attaching in the pine tines.

Make Ribbon Waterfall effect

  • Using 3 different ribbon colors group them together. Attach at the top left using a zip tie. Then gather them together and make a loop and secure them with a zip tie.
  • Repeat this process again starting on the right side bringing it down to the center.
  • Fluff ribbons and dove tail the ends.

Add greenery

  • Weave them into the design where you see a lot of mesh. Work it on the inside and outside of your design.
  • Go back to add some hot glue to secure.

Add Sunflower Stems

  • Pop these in and out through the design using the pine tine to attach. Go back and add some glue to help secure better.

Attach Sign

  • Add cable tie mounts to back. Thread cable ties into mounts and then attach to basket.

Add finishing touch

  • Add green swirly pieces all around
  • Add wood beads by using pipe cleaners to attach to sides.
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