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11.12.21 Ball Garland Evergreen Wreath- Tammy – REPLAY

Snowman Ball Garland Wreath

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Ball Garland Evergreen Wreath- Tammy - REPLAY


Prep your base.

  • Start with an evergreen wreath.
  • Fluff out the pine tines.
  • Take a 21” mesh, take the end and add it into a pine tine.
  • Make big but flat poofs all around your wreath.
  • Take a black and red 10” mesh and cut a few pieces.
  • Make ruffles and add them into the wreath between the poofs.

Make and add your bow.

  • Take 6 ribbons and make a terry bow.
  • Layer the bows.
  • Secure the bow together with a pipe cleaner.
  • Fluff out your bow.
  • Attach your bow to the wreath.

Add your decoration.

  • Take some ribbons and make a variety of extra tails around your wreath.
  • Attach your snowman to the wreath next to your bow using a cable mount.
  • Cut up your red and white ball garland and add the balls in your wreath all around and between your mesh.


Ball Garland Evergreen Wreath- Tammy
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