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Creative Carbs: Virtual Workshop Featuring The Patent Pending Pancake Wreath Frame


The Creative Coaching Membership


Hosted By Damon & Mel

Join us for an extraordinary wreath-making Virtual Workshop where we want to help you learn how to increase your profits on your creative designs by learning how to utilize our Patent Pending Pancake Wreath Frame. The workshop will cover design recipes, pricing, shopping for classes, and more! 

Workshop Dates: 9/7-9/9/23

This workshop is perfect for you if you have ever wanted to create stunning mesh wreath designs but find the typical process costly and time consuming. The virtual workshop not only teaches you how to utilize our Patent Pending workframe for countless wreath styles in a cost effective manner, but will also guide you on pricing your creations to help empower you to be profitable from your creative passion. 

But it doesn’t stop there! In addition to the design process, we’ll provide invaluable insights on how to photograph your creations like a pro, market them effectively, and ship them with confidence. Elevate your profitable wreath-making skills and take your designs to new heights!

Total Workshop Value: $397

You’re also joining the Creative Coaching Membership!

What’s Included in Creative Coaching:

  • Membership Portal with 700+ Recorded Tutorials and new ones added weekly
  • Private Facebook Group with Thousands of previous videos and 7 new ones added weekly
  • 7 Live Classes weekly 
  • 1 New Weekly Recorded Tutorial complete with supply lists and step by step instructions
  • Bonus monthly lives
  • Exclusive Discounts 50% Creative Workshops and discounts from 20-30 craft vendors monthly! ($8.99 value)


(PS – If you have an active creative coaching membership you shouldn’t be signing up here. You should go through the membership portal, click on creative coaching, and then scroll down to the workshop)

Creative Coaching 2023
Creative Coaching 2023
Discount Group
Discount Group
Creative Carbs Workshop
Creative Carbs Workshop
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