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Cricut Project: Painted Easter Welcome Mat

Easter themed welcome mat


  • Cricut
  • Weeding pen
  • Tweezers
  • Cricut scraper


  • Door Mat Blank – Amazon
  • Acrylic Paints – Hobby Lobby
  • 651 Vinyl – Michaels
  • Clear Coat Spray – Walmart

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Cricut Project: Easter Welcome Mat


  • Cricut
  • Weeding pen
  • Tweezers
  • Cricut scraper


  • 1 Door mat blank Amazon
  • Acrylic paints Hobby Lobby (Americana or Folk Art are my favorites)
  • Cricket permanent vinyl Michaels
  • Clear Coat Spray Walmart
  • SVG File for your design
  • Tape


In Cricut

  • Upload your SVG design into My Design Space in Cricut
  • Click Make It
  • Select On Mat (12' x 24") - Note your image cannot be wider than 12"
  • Click continue
  • You'll be using Cricket permanent vinyl, select vinyl permanent glossy.
  • Load your vinyl when Cricut is ready.


  • Use tape to get any loose fuzz on the mat surface.
  • Shake up your paints
  • Once your Cricut cutting is complete, click done.
  • Keep that design on the screen for reference when you weed because we're making a stencil.
  • In a well lit area, weed out design to create negative space. Use the black area on you screen as a guide to what you'll be weeding out.
  • Peel off contact paper and add a little fuzz by sticking it to your clothing. (Just trust me on this one)
  • Now lay that contact paper back over your stencil avoid air bubbles.
  • Use your Cricut scraper and push out air bubbles.
  • Peel off the stencil, while still attached to contact paper
  • Scrape as needed so all the inner pieces are attached.
  • Place your stencil on top your mat
  • Slowly remove contact paper.
  • Press down your stencil.
  • You can add any stray pieces of your stencil with excess contact paper.
  • Press into the corresponding areas on your mat
  • Use a heat gun to flatten stencil on mat
  • Add masking tape to top and bottom edges of your stencil


  • Paint in your stencil with your desired colors
  • Add additional layers to get bright colors
  • Peel off stencil
  • Use tweezers to remove smaller stencil parts
  • Add hash marks using a square line brush around the top and bottom
  • Optional: Add polka dots in between hash marks
  • Give it a once over with a heat gun and let it dry naturally.
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