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Easter Door Hanger on a Grapevine – REPLAY


  • Scissors
  • Wire cutter
  • Hot glue gun/pot


  • 22 inch Bunny Door Hanger, DecoExchange
  • 14 inch oval grapevine, DecoExchange
  • 4 spring greenery bushes, 1793-3961 JoAnns
  • 2, Petite Daisy filler spray ,63087SP30, Liberty FLoral
  • 2.5 inch plaid ribbon, 841-40-014
  • 2.5 inch polka dot ribbon, RGA166327, DecoExchange
  • 1.5 inch bunny ribbon, 831-09-004, DecoExchange
  • 1.5 inch stripe ribbon, Sams Club
  • 1.5 inch polka dot ribbon, 41005-09-09, DecoExchange
  • 3 glitter ball sprays, HE4156C3  DecoExchange

Full Video


  • Scissors
  • Wire cutter
  • Hot glue gun/pot


  • 1 22" Bunny Door Hanger DecoExchange
  • 1 14" oval grapevine DecoExchange
  • 4 spring greenery bushes 1793-3961 JoAnns
  • 2 Petite Daisy filler spray 63087SP30, Liberty FLoral
  • 1 2.5" plaid ribbon 841-40-014
  • 1 2.5" polka dot ribbon RGA166327, DecoExchange
  • 1 1.5" bunny ribbon 831-09-004, DecoExchange
  • 1 1.5" stripe ribbon Sams Club
  • 1 1.5" polka dot ribbon 41005-09-09, DecoExchange
  • 3 glitter ball sprays HE4156C3 DecoExchange


Prep your base

  • Trim and clean up any bits of grapevine sticking out from your wreath.
  • Trim your spring greenery sprays
  • Line the outside of the wreath with bits of spring greenery, sticking ends into the grapevine and securing with hot glue.

Secure Easter door hanger

  • Apply a strong adhesive to the backs of four wreath anchors. Add two on each side of your door hanger.
  • Use clothespins to clip the anchors while they dry.
  • Loop pipe cleaners through dried anchors, attaching to your grapevine and securing tightly.
  • Hot glue anywhere your grapevine and bunny sign touch for extra support.

Create and add an Easter bow

  • Take your 2 ½” plaid ribbon and measure out a 17” tail.
  • Make three 6 ½” loops, pinching and twisting between them.
  • Trim your ribbon, leaving another 17” tail, and add to your EZ bow maker if you use one.
  • Repeat this process for your 2” polka dot ribbon, making 6” loops, your 1” plaid ribbon, making 6” loops, and your 1” rabbit ribbon, making 5 ½” loops.
  • Layer your ribbons as you go, making sure to alternate which side has two loops and which has a single loop.
  • Complete these steps for your final 1” polka dot ribbon, with 4 ½” loops, this time making a fourth little loop.
  • Secure the center of your ribbons with a pipe cleaner, adjusting your final, smaller loop to cover the pipe cleaner.
  • Move your ribbon tails to face downwards and spread out your loops.
  • Attach your bow to the bottom of your wreath, looping the pipe cleaner through your grapevine.

Build-out your wreath

  • Trim your spring sprays and attach them to your wreath, fanning out from your bow. Secure ends with hot glue.
  • Trim your spring sprays and attach them to your wreath, fanning out from your bow. Secure ends with hot glue.

Finishing touches

  • Trim any excessive ribbon ends, remembering to dovetail throughout.
  • Fill in any holes with spring greenery, covering any sign of grapevine.
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