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It’s Bow Season – The Selling Bows Workshop

If you’re just looking to sign up for the Selling Bows Workshop; you’re in the right place!

Hosted By Damon Oates

The event will be held on 10/30/21. You will keep access to all of the training videos to re-watch as needed. After the challenge is completed we will transition the training into the training portal for you to easily access. 

What is the It’s Bow Season Workshop?

It’s a 2 part workshop from Damon from DecoExchange. I know that not everyone that follows us is interested in just creating or just business so we’ve split the Bow Season workshop into two different workshops. You can join one or the other, or you can join both and enjoy the whole experience.

Workshop 2 – How To Sell Bows; 10/30:

What we will cover:

  • Day 1 – 10/30/21; 11am CST:
    • How To Calculate Ribbon Used
    • How To Price Bows To Sell
    • How To Find Trends
    • How To List For Sale
    • How To Photograph Bows
    • Craft Booth Display Ideas
    • Bow Calculator EBook

How you will learn:

    • Private Facebook Group
    • Live Classes
    • Prerecorded Content (if needed)
    • All training will be available in Learning Portal after the event is completed for Replays

What we won’t cover:

    • How to make a bow (that’s covered in Workshop 1)
    • How to open Etsy shop