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Summer Floral Centerpiece

Quick Video (Full Video Tutorial Below)


  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Glue pot



  • Small decorative watering can
  • Great Stuff Gaps & Cracks – Spray Foam Sealant
  • Spanish moss
  • Assorted floral stems
  • Assorted greenery stems
  • (3) 1.5” wired ribbon
  • Floral pins
  • Wooden pick with wire
  • Pipe cleaners


Full Video Tutorial


Spring Floral Centerpiece


  • Wire Cutters
  • Scissors
  • Glue pot


  • 1 unit Small decorative watering can
  • 1 can Great Stuff Gaps & Cracks - Spray Foam Sealant
  • 1 package Spanish moss
  • 2-3 bunches Assorted floral stems
  • 2-3 bunches Assorted greenery stems
  • 3 rolls various 1.5” wired ribbon
  • 1 pack Floral pins
  • 1 pack Wooden pick with wire
  • 1 pack pipe cleaners


Prepping Your Moss Base

  • Fill the watering can halfway with spray foam sealant.
  • Let it sit for a week to completely dry.
  • Cover visible foam with spanish moss.
  • Dip floral pin tips into glue pot and pin moss into foam base.
  • Create a small patty of moss to cover the watering can spout. 
  • Add glue to spout and add your moss potty.

Adding Florals & Greenery:

  • Pick your main focal point flower, usually this will be the biggest blooms out of your floral bunches.
  • Then layer the other flowers in.
  • Trim individual floral stems at the closest point to the main stem using wire cutters.
  • Remove any excess covering over the wired stems.
  • Add glue to the stems and stick them right into the foam base.
  • Work your way around, moving the watering can so your floral design looks natural.
  • When working with sets of 3, keep those 3 in a triangle form to create balance.
  • You want the floral bouquet to have a nice round look to it. 
  • Keep filling until your bouquet is thick and gorgeous!
  • Use greenery to help the transition between floral stems and watering can. 
  • Dip the greenery stems into glue pot and insert near the base of the floral stems. 
  • Let them hang over the edge for a beautiful transition.
  • Finish off with a flower bloom over the moss covered spout.

Making a Bow

  • With 1 ½” ribbon, make a single 5” loop with 20” tails. Secure with a small pipe cleaner. 
  • Add the wooden pick into the pipe cleaner, and twist it securely. Use the wire from the wooden pick to wrap around the ribbon loop for extra security.
  • Curl in the tails
  • Insert into the foam base for the finishing touch.
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