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Using A Pine Wreath Base

easter wreath


  • Mesh cutter
  • Ribbon tail board
  • Staple gun


  • Wreath sign
  • 1 roll of 21” mesh
  • 2 rolls of different style 10” mesh
  • 24” White tinsel pine wreath base or regular wreath frame
  • 2 different styles of 2.5” ribbon for ribbon tails
  • 3 different styles of 2.5” ribbon for bow
  • 3 different styles of 1.5” ribbon for bow
  • Pipe cleaners

Using A Pine Wreath Base


  • Mesh Cutter
  • Ribbon Tail Board
  • Staple gun


  • 1 sign Wreath sign
  • 1 roll 21" deco mesh
  • 2 rolls 10" deco mesh 2 different styles
  • 1 unit 24” White tinsel pine wreath base or regular wreath frame
  • 2 rolls 2.5” wired ribbon - for ribbon tails 2 different styles
  • 3 rolls 2.5" wired ribbon - for bows 3 different style
  • 3 rolls 1.5" wired ribbon - for bows 3 different style
  • 1 pkg pipe cleaners


How to Add Deco Mesh

  • Feel for the brackets underneath the evergreen stems. Pull out a pair of stems on top of each bracket to use as twist ties. Remember there should be 12 sets all together.
  • Start with the inside ring first.
  • Grab your roll of purple 21” mesh, start with a small gathering of mesh to secure tightly at the base of one of the twist ties and twist twice.
  • Create 10” poofs between each twist tie. 
  • Cut your deco mesh and start on the outer ring using the same method in steps #3 & #4. This time I’m using 12” poof. 
  • Cut 10” mesh into (12) 25” strips
  • Cut your 2nd roll of 10” mesh into (12) 10” strips
  • Take a 25” strip of deco mesh and scrunch it up in the center to create a simple ruffle.
  • Attach to the wreath base using the tinsel stems that you used to attach the poofs. Twisting only 1x, but making sure they are tight.
  • Repeat until you’ve added them to all 12 sections.
  • Take 2 of your 10” strips and loosely roll up. Place them in an ‘X’ formation and attach a set to each of the working twist ties.

How to Make Ribbon Tails

  • Get out your ribbon tail board and your 2.5" ribbon.
  • Wrap 2.5" ribbon around the ribbon tail board 6x. Cut into (12) 14" strips.
  • Repeat steps #1 & #2 with second ribbon style
  • Dovetail the ends.
  • Layer one of each ribbon tail.. Fold in half, scrunch in the middle, and add to the wreath ties.
  • Fan out the ribbon tails. and Make sure it all points out to make the wreath look bigger.

Lisa Bow by Hand

  • Get your pipe cleaners ready.
  • Using your first 2.5” ribbon make a 14” tail, keeping the pretty sign facing forward.
  • Follow up with a 6” loop, twist ribbon so you see the pretty side out front and create another 6” loop on the opposite side. Follow up with one additional 6” loop on the opposing side. Twist the ribbon again and leave a 14” tail.
  • So, you’ll have 2 loops on one side and 1 loop and 2 tails on the other side. Secure with a pipe cleaner.
  • Repeat steps 2-3 with the second 2.5” ribbon, making it slightly smaller than the previous bow. Secure this layer to the previous bow using the same pipe cleaner.
  • Repeat previous steps using the 3rd 2.5” ribbon.
  • Set aside.
  • Now, you’ll repeat the same process with the (3) 1.5” ribbons, making this set slightly smaller than the previous bow you set aside. You’ll still have the 14” tail, but the loops in the set will start at about 5”.
  • Now combine both the 2.5” set and 1.5” set, keeping the tails on the opposite sides.
  • Pull the tails downward, so they fall on the bottom.
  • Fluff out your loops.
  • Secure the bow to the wreath.

Adding a Sign

  • Staple pipe cleaners to the back of the sign.
  • Attach the sign to the wreath using the pipe cleaners.


Design Tips:
  • 21” mesh can fray easily, so gently grab the mesh from the sides and work them under as you create poofs. This will prevent it from catching, while you move onto the rest of your design.
  • Poofs don’t have to match the measurements in the steps, let your wreath base and attachments help you determine how big your mesh poofs should be.
  • Seal off the unused mesh, by twisting it off with a pipe cleaner and store in an umbrella bag.
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