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Your First Website Workshop

Hosted By The Makers University Coaches Damon & Christine

What would you say if I told you that you could build a website just like the one below… 

In just 5 steps! 

Why do you need a website?

Listen – I’m going to be completely honest with you…

You don’t need a website, what you need is a strong online presence & an optimized marketing strategy AND your website should be one of the key components to your marketing strategy! 

Here are 10 reasons why your website is essential to your business:

  1. It’s a digital business card. A website is a great way for people to find all of the critical information about your business like your contact information, how to shop with you, what services you offer and the latest news! 
  2. Websites are SEARCHABLE on the web! When someone goes to google and types in your business do you want them to be sent to Facebook & Etsy where thousands of others are, or do you want your website to show up first?
  3. Although you’re in the online space, consumers tend to shop for items within their proximity. If someone googles “what you sell” + your area, don’t you want to make sure your business pops up?
  4. It builds your credibility as a business owner and makes you look more professional.
  5. The SEO your website can offer to your marketing strategy is GOLDEN. 
  6. Your website stays open for business 24/7. Include details on your website about your business so that customers can easily find out if what you offer is a great fit for what they need. 
  7. Your competitor probably has a website, 64% of all small businesses capitalize on their websites! Stay relevant if you want to stay competitive. 
  8. It can help your business grow. Your website will allow you to potentially add new revenue streams to your business & allows new customers to find you through “google”.
  9. It builds your companies brand and image. You’re allowed to paint whatever picture you want on your website, unlike social media where other people can paint the picture of your business. 
  10. A website will help you succeed in the long run – because you own it. We never want to build our homes on borrowed land! What happens tomorrow if you wake up and your social media is hacked? If your Etsy store is shut down?

Hopefully – you’re past wondering if you need a website for your business, and now you’re thinking can I afford NOT to have a website in the digital era? 

What is the First Website Workshop?

The workshop will be a 7 day program where we will walk you step by step through building your website. You will be given 1 simple new task each day for the first 5 days, and then we will have 2 days with Q&A sessions to make sure that you were able to build your first website. 

When is the First Website Workshop?

The workshop will be held on 4/12/21 – 4/18/21. You will keep access to all of the training videos to re-watch as needed. After the workshop is completed we will transition the training into the training portal for you to easily access. 

Things you’ll learn…

  • Day 1: Verify & Secure your Website.
  • Day 2: Set Up Hosting, Gather all of your Copy & Photos (There’s a workbook for it!)
  • Day 3: Set Up Your Theme
  • Day 4: Customize Your Webpage
  • Day 5: Launch Your Website!
  • Day 6: Q&A, Trouble shooting, Website Reviews
  • Day 7: Q&A, Trouble shooting, Website Reviews

What you’ll get…

  • Predesigned website theme that you can customize
    • Theme is set up to be optimized
    • Looks professional
    • High quality web host recommendation
    • Feature a way for customers to contact you
    • Embedded social media links
    • Link to your shop
  • Step by step training so that you can build your first website
  • Workbook
  • Live Group Q&As & Troubleshooting

How you’ll get it?

  • A private Facebook group where the lives will be streamed or videos posted
  • The learning portal where all information will be stored for you to access at any time

What does a website cost?

  • The class will cost $225.00 
  • You will also need to purchase a domain name if you don’t have one (from $0.99 to $32)
  • Monthly website hosting fees (from $8.95-$10.95/Mo)

So, for less than $250.00 you can have a website that would cost you $1,500 (+ your monthly fees) to have built by someone else. 

That’s a $1,250 savings! 


  • Canva Templates
  • DIY Branding Guide
  • Blog Post Templates

How to join in on the Website Workshop?