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The Makers University

Creative Coaching


Unlock the Secrets of Wreath Mastery!

Dive into the world of wreath making and design with confidence, even if you’re a beginner.

Our step-by-step guidance ensures you craft breathtaking wreaths that echo your unique style, without the overwhelm.

Join a vibrant community of fellow creators, find your tribe, and gain full access to our extensive resources and hands-on support.

Say goodbye to doubts and hello to endless creativity in wreath making, with us by your side every step of the way!

If you’re a creative of any kind and you’re looking to create beautiful wreaths and other home decor (while making money doing it), then read every word below…

Do You Ever…

  • Run to the local craft store in need of the perfect wreath for your home only to gasp and balk at the prices of their impressive designs?
  • Spend hours searching Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest for detailed tutorial and left unfulfilled
  • Struggle with picking out the perfect ribbons, flowers, picks, signs or colors for your wreaths?
  • Spend hundreds on supplies just to stop, give up and pay for a wreath anyway?
  • Create wreaths, but tuck them away into the dark abyss because you’re embarrassed for others to see them?

If you answer “YES” to any of these questions then you’re in the right place! I have helped thousands of creatives just like you overcome these challenges and I want to help you become our next success story!

But before I get into all of the details, I want to first introduce myself…

Hey y’all !

It’s Damon here from DecoExchange and I wanna start out by saying I’m super excited to have you here!

Over the last few years I’ve been able to turn my passion for making unique home decor (wreaths specifically) into the 7-figure business it is today! By creating this business not only do I get to do what I love every single day…

I also get to help people all over just like you unlock their creative genius so they can do the same!

Though my story of how I got where I am is one of the key factors that helped me grow my skills to where they are at today…

I’m not going to go deep into detail because what I’m about to share with you can easily help you do the same, no matter where you’re at in your creative journey.

So, now that you know who I am… Let’s get right into it and talk about the Creative Coaching Membership!

What Is The Makers University Creative Coaching Membership?

Learning Environment

Access 1 new tutorial per week on our membership site and join us for a LIVE tutorial 7 times per week in our Private Facebook Community

100s Of Previous Tutorials

Not only do you get all of our best selling tutorials, but you also get access to every live we did in the last 5 years

Creative Community

Join 3,000 creative people just like you to share tips, mingle, and build friendships in our private student Facebook group

Creatives 101 Course

Gain access to our basics on how to get started creating.! It covers tools, product and more!

Best Sellers

No need to wait for a new tutorial each month! You get access to all of our previous best selling tutorials


Get stuck? No problem! Because not only do you get a wealth of knowledge and tutorials, but with your new creative network you’ll be able to get all your design questions answered

You Need To Know…

I Don’t Manage The Makers University Creative Coaching Membership Alone…

Meet Your Coaches

Damon Oates

Damon helps new product-based business owners who are stuck and overwhelmed get accelerated profits through targeted coaching and consulting.

Coach Jordan

Jordan is one of the best kept secrets of west Texas. Known as the king of garlands, Jordan is the newest member of the DecoExchange creative coaching team.

Coach Stacy

Stacy is our resident “flower” expert. She teaches twice a month on how to create new and unique flower wreaths.

Coach Mel

I’m a former Accounting Supervisor, now craft teacher following my dreams and helping others create beautiful decor for fun or to sell.

Coach Tammy

Tammy is known for her love for “ornaments”.  She’s driven to help others tap into their creative side so that it can change their lives, as it has hers.

Special Guest

We often invite special guest trainers to come into the creative coaching group and teach their signature designs. (Hey! That could be you!)

Coach Meghan

I’m a Creative Coach and known across the internet for stuffing time! I can’t wait to teach you all of my creative tips and tricks!

Coach Dereka

Dereka is our No Sew attachment instructor. Every month she provides the membership with a no new sew attachment that they can use to grow their creative talents!

Special Guest

We often invite special guest trainers to come into the creative coaching group and teach their signature designs. (Hey! That could be you!)

If you’re ready to get CREATIVE… Join The Makers University Creative Coaching Membership below…


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Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, for more information you can review our Refunds & Cancellations Policy.