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What Is The Makers University?

The Maker’s University is just that. A resource for all things related to starting, operating, or scaling a creative business. Whether you are just starting out, struggling to figure out what to do next or maybe you have a thriving business but know there must be “an easier way” – The team at Makers University can help you reach your goals.

Who Is The Makers University For?

While the roots of The Makers University began in wreath making and home decor, expertise has expanded beyond just making wreaths and now includes things such as: E-commerce, Live video, community building, monetization, revenue diversification, website development, SEO and much more. If you are in need of the tools to make your business successful online – The Maker’s University is a great place to start your education.

What is the Latest Lesson at The Makers University?

Latest Creative Workshop

Join The Creative Coaches for a workshop of fun and crafting! Each of the 6 coaches will be teaching you how to make an item that you can list in your shop for sale or that can be used to add into your own creations. Click the button bellow to get more information about the You’re Invited Workshop.

Latest Business Challenge

Join Damon as he helps you get through the fear / struggles of selling online as he walks you through his strategy to get items listed and sold as quickly as possible.

The Makers University – What We Offer

Membership Programs

Business Coaching

The Maker’s University Business Coaching Group is one of the largest memberships that cater specifically to starting, optimizing, and scaling a creative business. With a community of over 2,000 small business owners working together to grow creative businesses you will be surrounded by other like minded, driven, creatives that are working hard everyday to achieve success in their lives and businesses.

Creative Coaching

The Makers University Creative Coaching Group is dedicated solely to the art of making handmade wreaths, centerpieces, garlands, and other similar home décor items. With over 3,000 other active members – this subscription group caters to anyone who is just wanting to get into crafting or a glue gun veteran.

The Discount Club

Who doesn’t love a good discount, right? With the size of our membership groups we reached out to over 30 of our favorite places to shop for craft materials and asked them for a special discount just for our members. Each month get access to discounts and promotions that are perfect for any craft lover.

Business Coaching, Creative Coaching, and The Discount program Combined

“This all sounds great”. “I just want one of everything”. “Sign me up”. If you are interested in all the memberships we have to offer then this is the place for you. Enjoy a hefty discount when you join all three of our membership groups while getting access to all the perks of each.

“One Time Fee” Paid Challenges / Courses

Join Parker – The Co-Founder of DecoExchange on a 5 day challenge to Create Quality Content. Having high quality video content for social media, sales pages, or even ads is more important than ever. In this mini-course Parker will teach you all the tools, tips, and data needed to ensure that you are maximizing and optimizing your use of video content during the age of E-commerce.

Join Damon – Founder of The Makers University as he guides you through the process of identifying, targeting and speaking towards your your ideal customer. Every business should have their “Perfect Person” – Someone who shares every post, engages with you constantly, and would buy anything that you have to offer. Entrepreneurs everywhere should have an Avatar in their mind and should never have to wonder Who Is My Perfect Person(s) (WIMPPs). Join the WIMPPs training today for an 11 day crash course of finding that perfect customer and start increasing your sales.

Join The Creative Coaches for a day of fun where we each teach you how to create a centerpiece. Check out all of the details of the challenge by clicking the Centerpiece Challenge Button.

Join Damon & Parker – Founder of The Makers University as they guides you through the process of shipping. We ship around 10,000 packages per month and have learned a few things about shipping! In this lesson we will tell you the exact steps to take to get your shipping to a more reasonable price. Click the box to get all of the details! 

Join The Creative Coaches for a weekend of fun where we each teach you how to create multiple items that you can sell in your shop or add to your own creations. Check out all of the details of the challenge by clicking the Expand Your Creativity Challenge Button.

Join Damon and Christine as they guide you through the process of building your first website. Your website is online business card and the core of your online marketing strategy. Get all the details on the 7 day workshop by clicking the link below!